A Case Study in Advancing from Coverage Expert to Construction Claims Leader of North America

December 13, 2021 0 Comments

Are you someone who is looking for opportunities to advance your career? If so, you can take action you can take to excel professionally, which will help you increase your experience and drive you towards professional success. In a recent sit down with Karen Rice, Vice President and Head of Construction Claims North America at AXA XL, we gain three career tips that helped Karen advance from a coverage expert to a construction claims leader of North America:

1.       Provide and Seek Honest Feedback

2.       Surround Yourself with Smart People

3.       Keep Learning and Enjoy Yourself While Doing So

Provide and Seek Honest Feedback

                A vital part of anyone's personal or professional growth is honest feedback. Whether positive or constructive, feedback allows individuals to gain new perspectives on their strengths and weaknesses as seen by their peers and supervisors. As Karen Rice states, "seeking it is as important as giving it" as it can be a learning experience for both individuals. Those who give honest advice demonstrate a sense of leadership; strong leaders want to see those around them flourish in their careers. Additionally, those who want to succeed in their career are generally willing to accept honest feedback, good or constructive. Without asking for professional advice, it can feel as though your career is stuck in neutral, as you will not be aware of your teammates’ feedback and desired outcomes. Whether it is personal or professional, honest feedback will assist you in reaching your goals and milestones.

Surround Yourself with Smart People

                Attitudes are contagious. If you surround yourself with positive people, you are more likely to be a positive teammate and leader– and vice versa. Surrounding yourself with intellects who constantly challenge one another, you will likely begin to expand your way of thinking and grow professionally. The best leaders encourage and challenge their employees to complete all their tasks to the best of their abilities. In our interview with Karen, she says that "you are going to lose good people if you don't empower them to get the job done." Most individuals indeed want to be challenged in the workplace as it pushes them to grow. With this in mind, make sure to surround yourself with intelligent people equipped with can-do attitudes to help empower you to succeed.

Keep Learning and Enjoy Yourself While Doing It

                The final tip Karen shares with us regarding career progression is to "keep learning and enjoy yourself while doing it."  You should seek to learn something new every single day as it will help shape you into a more knowledgeable professional. If faced with an unfamiliar topic at work, take the time to research and learn more about it; not only will this help you better perform the task, but it will show others that you are willing to take on a challenge. If you are enjoying yourself while learning, chances are you will have a better experience at work, which will lead to better results. Staying curious and constantly looking to learn is the best way to keep growing professionally.

                Promotions do not happen overnight; however, that should not deter you from working hard and seeking to progress in your career daily. By consistently seeking honest feedback, surrounding yourself with intelligent people, and enjoying yourself while you learn, opportunities will continue to present themselves to you, culminating in professional growth. For additional career advice – specifically, in the construction insurance industry – listen to our podcast with Karen Rice, A Case Study in Advancing from Coverage Expert to Construction Claims Leader of North America.


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