A Construction Litigation Example That Could Have Used Neutral CCA™

September 25, 2017 , 2 Comments

I want to share one of my favorite quotes: “I have been financially ruined twice in my life: Once when I was in litigation… and I lost. The other time was when I was in litigation… and I won.”

Construction litigation typically takes a minimum of 2.2 years to conclude(1), and can take over a decade before a resolution is reached.  Unbelievable, but true.  Neutral CCA™ takes 90 days.   As a construction executive, would you prefer to tie your team up for years, or for 90 days?  Neutral CCA™ has a greater than 90% success rate, so why not take the more innovative route to resolve construction disputes?
Listen to Keith Kelly, former Vice President of Skanska USA, tell a true story of a project he built, then provided testimony in the project's litigation 7 years later.

Let us know about your experience with construction litigation in the comments below.

1 Construction Industry Arbitration vs. Litigation: The Lines Aren’t Drawn Where You May Think


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